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The Sales Talent Assessment High Performer benchmark really does work – when a candidate’s Sales Talent Assessment results indicate that they are a High Performer – then their revenue performance fully backs that up; and vice versa.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sales Talent Assessment to any organisation that wants to improve the revenue performance, quality and motivation of their sales people.

Causeway has a number of positive challenges to meet and we need a sales team capable of meeting these demanding challenges. In the current climate Causeway has the opportunity to both grow into new markets and also to provide new opportunities for our existing customers to engage with our expanded portfolio of Construction Software solutions. In order to meet these challenges we needed a way to ensure that we could maximise the capabilities of our sales team by identifying and developing the skills of the individual team members. In doing this we expect to better target our training spend to greater effect and provide a personalised training plan for each member of the team. As a part of this exercise we also wanted to identify and deploy the right resources to better manage our extended portfolio; ensuring we have the right person doing the right job.

In deploying Sales Talent Assessment, we were able to gain the advantages that we sought without taking our team out of the selling day. The results were insightful, giving a detailed and accurate understanding of the team that immediately allowed us to better manage each individual member of the team and, therefore our company, more successfully.

Without doubt, the best set of profiling questions I have completed (and I’ve done some American formats). If anything, gave you the chance to set an aspiration target, really good.

Key Account Management (KAM) is one of the most critical roles for any organisation and requires a complex mix of sales and business skills. The adoption of a good KAM strategy offers organisations the best opportunity to maximise the revenue potential and retention potential of their most important customers. To ensure the optimisation of the significant business value of all Key Account Managers, for the benefit of stakeholders, I strongly recommend the use of Sales Talent Assessment from as the tool of choice when hiring, developing or assessing the skills of these vital individuals. Sales Talent Assessment includes many other role specific sales assessments, including: strategic selling; solution selling; application selling and transaction selling

Professor Malcolm McDonald, MA (Oxon) MSc PhD D.Litt FCIM FRSA; Malcolm McDonald is Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University (School of Management) and one of the world's best selling business authors, having written or co-authored over 40 books.

Growing businesses need the best sales talent, with the right skills, in the right roles, with each sales person highly motivated at all times. Yet that is one of the hardest things to get right.

Sales Talent Assessment delivers the means for any business manager to get that golden combination, whether you understand sales people or not. Whether hiring, or developing your existing sales people, Sales Talent Assessment can guide your investment decisions into the areas that will deliver the most return.

I would recommend Sales Talent Assessment as the sales assessment tool of choice for all growing businesses.

Sales Talent Assessment provided me with the means to understand the capabilities of our Sales Talent, role by role, and delivered a clear and simple needs anaysis, enabling me to target development spend precisely to best effect for the individual and the company.

Sales Talent Assessment exceeded all of my expectations, delivering a very full picture of each individual in my sales team and highlighting clearly the specific development areas that were holding back our success. I have already recommended that Sales Talent Assessment should be deployed on a wider basis including our business partners

My clients -- the largest technology companies in the industry -- are looking for ways to substantially improve their sales productivity. Most are still stuck in some form of transactional selling process that keeps their customers at arms length. While they talk about solution selling, buyers see this as just a bundle of products and services, not consultative or executive selling. The combination offering may indeed be the "silver bullet" to solve this problem...identifying the sales people with the right characteristics for success and giving them and their peers the training and support plans that will ensure they carry on very different, significantly more productive conversations with their prospects and customers.

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