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Know your sales strengths

Everyone is different. Our differences are what add color to the rich fabric of life. If we were all the same, the world we live in would be very bland indeed. But can our variations in characteristics affect our selling ability? As Colleen Stanley mentioned in her article, a sales position may not have been […]


‘SLA Novate’ January 2013 issue sponsors the monthly newsletter of the Sales Leadership Alliance. The January 2013 edition includes: a report from the latest Fellows meeting; understanding the concept of value in a professional services environment; in-depth interview with Rentokil Initial divisional sales director Nick Porter;

More Sales Insights and Sales Force Focus series

January 2013 – ‘It’s Time to Learn the Value of Everything’. The concept of value is central to your sales strategy, and both buyers and sellers need to understand what that really is, argues Marie Crespo. 14/01/2013

More – two-part series on sales talent management

November 2012 – ‘Pharma sales part one – looking for a new role’ In part one of two, Marie Crespo explains why understanding your sales talent’s

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