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January 2013 – ‘It’s Time to Learn the Value of Everything’. The concept of value is central to your sales strategy, and both buyers and sellers need to understand what that really is, argues Marie Crespo. 14/01/2013

December 2012 – ‘Would You Recognise a Good Sales Manager If You Saw One?’ Marie Crespo explains why the role of the sales manager is fundamental to improving sales… 11/12/2012

November 2012 – ‘Do You Speak “Talent” or do You Speak “Business”?’ These days you need to speak both, argues CEO Marie Crespo. 12/11/2012

October 2012 – ‘It’s Business, Stupid!’ Marie Crespo argues that top-level sales professionals are metamorphosing into high-quality businesspeople. 8/10/2012

In Sales Force Focus, Marie Crespo takes you through each stage of the recruitment and talent management process that is key to your sales force success. Read the full Sales Force Focus series. 8/10/2012

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