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Our resellers only works with highly skilled resellers who have extensive experience in the sales talent space. Before our resellers work with you, our customers, they undergo rigorous training on our assessments and the associated reports. Following this, they go through an equally rigorous certification program. This is all done so that you can be confident that they can help you resolve your sales talent needs.


Europe & Middle East

Austria – ACS Moschner & Co Ges.m.b.H.

ACS Moschner & Co Ges.m.b.H.

Wiesingerstr. 6/7
A-1010 Wien

Contact: DDr. Manfred Moschner (Executive Director)

Tel: +43-1-513 88 50
Fax: +43-1-513 78 56

Ireland – Sales Transitions

Sales Transitions

Contacts: John Sharpe (Co-Founder & Director)

Email Address:
Phone Number(s): 00 353 86 813 8664

Sales Transitions is a team of experienced sales performance specialists focused on supporting ambitious companies and their sales leaders to achieve business growth.

We exist to assist our clients achieve increased revenue and establish predictable & sustainable performance.

Our sales effectiveness solutions include evidence based tools designed to provide deep insights into current sales performance.

We have partnership agreements with global leaders in ‘role specific’ sales talent analytics, benchmarking and capability development related services.

Our core values are grounded on client respect, transparent communication, and continuous improvement.

We are laser focused, pragmatic and results oriented.

Netherlands – TachYons


Graaf Florisweg 139
2805 ak Gouda

Contact: Jack Weber

Tel: +31-612551487

TachYons is a specialist sales & people performance improvement company with the primary aim of improving sales performance across individuals, teams and the organization.

TachYons has a unique approach that starts with the knowledge derived from the outputs. These outputs enable us to create, implement and drive an effective personal, team or organisation development plan for you.

Our expertise enables you to:

  • Optimise sales performance
  • Develop high-performance individuals and teams
  • Assess and benchmark the capability and potential to achieve high performance
  • Create self-realisation and awareness to drive a desire to change from the ‘inside-out’
  • Create tailored sales performance training & coaching programmes
  • Create high-value sales propositions

TachYons uses the Sales Talent Assessment tool as part of our Sales Assessment and Sales Diagnostic approach.

Please contact the TachYons team for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help your company achieve more sales.

Romania – SalesTrust


Contacts: Madalina Pascu

Address: 2, Laculet Str., Bucharest, 014266
Tel: +40 728 655 569

This organization has been born from the idea of getting in one single place People (CEE Sales Community) and Knowledge (Sales Top CEE Professionals Experience/ ISMM – Institute of Sales and Marketing Management/ to support the development of the Sales Profession in the CEE Region and companies and customers trust in sales professionals.

UK – BlueZoom


Carlton Place
22 Greenwood Street
Cheshire WA14 1RZ

Contact: David Carrighan

Tel: 0113 397 9633
Mob: 07970 291447

BlueZoom are a sales effectiveness business with one core focus at the heart of our values; helping companies increase their sales and margins. We achieve this by focusing on improving the performance of their people in sales, account management and sales support roles. We are often asked to advise on the underlying structure and process of the sales operation based on the data we find and the insight provided.

The BlueZoom philosophy and approach is based on over 25 years’ experience in a mix of sales, leadership and consultancy roles, initially with major blue chip and corporate organisations and then followed by a mix of own business operations at board level and turnaround sales operations.

The Outcome – a pragmatic and flexible approach to address our client’s sales challenges often resulting in significant sales change.

We have partnered with and integrated the assessment solution and reporting suite as part of our offering. Based on our experience of deploying over 1000 assessments across a range of projects and industries in sales operations across the world, we have gained significant experience of how to get the best out of their deployment and developed a pragmatic and structured approach to these types of engagements.

We are passionate about and committed to helping companies and individuals achieve more through the development of sales talent.

Please contact David for an initial discussion on our approach and share some thinking on how this could be used in your organisation to drive sustainable sales improvement and change.

UK – Busby Knowledge Consultants Ltd

Busby Knowledge Consultants Ltd

Epworth House
25 City Road

Contact: John Busby, Managing Director

Tel: + 44 (0) 7 968 066 165

We help CEOs and MDs of B2B technology companies in all geographies improve:

  • Shareholder Value;
  • Forecasting Predictability;
  • Profitability;

by working with their:

  • People;
  • Processes;
  • Technology.

As a critical part of building a Talent Acquisition and Development Programme we use the capabilities.

Please contact John Busby now for an initial conversation to discuss you and your situation.

UK – Longley Academy (Henley-on-Thames)

Longley Academy (Henley-on-Thames)

Contact: Sue Biddle / Graham Cherrett

Tel: +441491 628013, +447973 955226, +447775 792496

If you were unwell you wouldn’t begin a course of treatment until you knew exactly what was wrong. So, don’t embark on a sales development plan until you know that it WILL deliver a measurable result.

Your salespeople are not all the same, each will have different levels of experience, skill and application to their role. We work with you to diagnose the precise talent issues that are preventing your sales teams from achieving their targets. Once we have identified where to focus, we design a development plan that will deliver the right intervention to the right areas to deliver increased performance.

Sales Assessment is our partner of choice, as no other product on the market provides the accuracy, detail and insight into the skills necessary to excel in a particular sales role. Their extensive research into the complete range of sales and management roles means that you can match your people with the most relevant assessment thus comparing their current skills with the internal and external benchmark.

Using The Sales Assessment Talent Audit as a first step, we can approach any sales performance issue by applying a modular approach of Skills Audit – Development Design – Programme Rollout – Accreditation – Reinforcement thereby ensuring that you only invest in the areas and people that will positively impact performance.

Minimise investment while maximising predictable results

UK – SABA (7) Consulting Limited

SABA (7) Consulting Limited

Contacts: Hugh Stafford Smith, Lizzie Stafford-Smith

Tel: 01483 275072
Mob: 07830 207859

SABA 7 Consulting is an organisation focused on sales effectiveness. We have been keen for a long time to be involved in improving the ‘professionalism’ of selling. We believe that this demands a holistic approach. Our focus is on solving the business challenge set before us by our clients. In order to deliver this we partner with the appropriate experts.

Our consultancy is centred on three key areas:

  • Process
  • Structure
  • Talent

We are passionate about helping our clients to achieve revenue growth and talent retention through the positive focus on sales effectiveness.

UK – SDV Training

SDV Training

Contact: Shekhar Varma

Tel: +441934843575,

SDV Training are specialists in developing sales talent. Our clients are typically corporate customers who sell complex solutions B2B. Most often, training is part of a broader change initiative driven by market changes, new product development or integral to the company’s growth strategy. Our customers demand tailored training or coaching and look for a provider to be flexible, challenging, with a solid background but not afraid to suggest innovative approaches.

Our customers are our primary driver and we will make the relationship around each project run smoothly. With a successful track record of delivering small ‘one-offs’ as well as large international roll-outs, it is our attention to service that we are proud of.

Our partnership with has given our customers a unique opportunity to increase sales revenue and focus their development budget like never before so, unlike many of our competitors, Sales Talent Assessment really does enable us to substantiate the claim ‘We tailor courses’.

A Sales Director newly appointed in post had to get to know his sales team capability and potential right away. He found Sales Talent Assessment invaluable in getting the right people in the right roles, doing the right things – fast.

Yet another client needed to understand what investment to make in a rapidly expanding sales management group. Sales Talent Assessment didn’t just provide insights: it has enabled them to plan competency-rich coaching sessions focused on getting results from managing their own teams effectively. No more one-size-fits-all training.

We chose to partner with to help us deliver better solutions to our customers training and development needs. The Sales Talent Assessment diagnostic is a tool we recommend to all our customers, new or established, to help them better understand their investment in their sales force and create training truly relevant to their business, their people, and their customers.

If you are responsible for the development of sales talent then we have the expertise that can help get you to your destination with ease, with speed and in a cost-effective way.

UK – Vertical Sales

Vertical Sales

Address: The Studio, Ashley View, Milley Road, Waltham St Lawrence RG10 0JR UK
Telephone: 0118 952 6993


Contact: Cathy Bennett, Principal


We work with B2B companies to transform sales and achieve the highest level of performance with the overall aim of increasing revenues & profitability.

Operating at every level and using in house resource to drive results wherever possible we bring direction, focus and pace to the sales operation:

  • Developing sales and marketing strategies
  • Creating understanding of and defining your sales and brand propositions
  • Assessing, training, coaching and mentoring your sales team
  • Reviewing your sales processes and reporting to keep the focus on results

North America

Canada – Market Vertical

Market Vertical

Contact: David Thomas

Tel: 416-646-0527
Mob: 416-605-7692

Market Vertical is a Human Capital practice with integrated solutions that help our clients align talent strategy with organizational objectives. Gifted people are at the heart of every successful company, and Market Vertical’s mission is to play an integral role in your talent acquisition, assessment, and development process. Our goal is beyond meeting the needs of today. We want to engage the leaders that will take you into tomorrow.

  • Executive Search & Recruitment
  • Talent Assessment
  • Performance Consulting
  • Training & Development

South America

Brazil – Best Performance Group – BPG

Best Performance Group – BPG

Contacts: Edmilson Neves, Marcantonio Montesano (Managing Partners)

Tel: +55 11 2186 2856

Best Performance Group is a consulting company established in Brazil since 2002, working with Technology, Software and Services companies in order to help them improve their Sales Performance while maintaining the profitability of their business.

Most of the companies we have provided our services to approached us with questions such as:

  • How to build trust with our customers?
  • How do we qualify leads better and avoid chasing poor opportunities?
  • 20% of my sales team is responsible for 80% of my sales results;
    • How do I improve the performance of the other 80% of my sales team?
    • How can I identify which professionals have a potential for performance improvement?
    • How do I replicate the behaviour of the best salespeople?
  • I have a high attrition rate in my sales team;
    • How do I reduce it?
    • How to build a good compensation plan for my sales force?
    • How to hire better salespeople?
  • How do I reduce my sales cycle?
  • How do I increase my average sales ticket?
  • How to reduce my sales costs?

We believe the answers to these questions may be addressed by working simultaneously in two areas within the company:

Implementing a Sales Process:

  • Evaluate sales force
  • Improve sales skills
  • Build sales tools
  • Run process
  • Audit

Alignment of these components:

  • Company’s strategic objectives
  • Company’s sales goals
  • Sales force skills
  • Sales force compensation plan

Interested in becoming a reseller? is always looking for talented resellers who understand the issues related to managing salespeople, and the whole sales talent insight and management challenge, in particular. If this is you, please do get in touch with us through the ‘contact us’ form today.

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