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Analyze capability gaps across teams and assess performance potential with

Sales Talent Dashboards

Focus Development precisely when and where it is needed, stretching your precious development budget.

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Sales Talent Dashboards offer a clear route through to optimising the performance of one or more sales teams by providing a detailed, person-by-person, team-by-team development needs analysis.

Providing managers with a detailed but easy-to-interpret overview of performance capability, development needs, and growth potential across a whole sales team.

Sales Talent Dashboards work at all levels of the organisation:

Sales Team Dashboard:
Up to 25 people in the same sales team, or role, can be analysed to provide immediate insight to identify and action common development needs

Sales Manager Dashboard:
Does the same for any group of Sales Managers across the organisation

Sales Leader Dashboard:
Aimed specifically at providing insight into the capabilities and development potential of an organisation’s sales leadership.

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