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The USSA launched. and SI Magazine present!

UK Sales Skills Audit to be officially unveiled at Sales Innovation Expo at ExCeL in London, 15th May 2014 together with SI Magazine are proud to announce that Andrew Dugdale, President of, will be formally presenting the results of the first UK Sales Skills Audit (USSA) at the 2014 Sales Innovation Expo, to be held at London’s ExCeL.  The launch presentation will be held in Seminar Hall 2, at 11.00 am on the 15th May 2014.

This will be the first time that the findings from this exciting new piece of research will be formally presented, and also marks the launch of the USSA as a product offering designed to enable individual sales people to gain recognition for their sales skills.

The initial launch modules will comprise the 5 elements making up the Core Sales Skills, a suite of skills that are applicable to sales people at all levels, and in all roles.  Following the launch, new modules will be introduced on a regular basis, ensuring that sales people can stand out from the crowd and gain recognition for their skills and capabilities no matter what level they operate at.  The USSA will later this year be introducing e-badges at ‘pass’ and ‘advanced’ level, ensuring that sales people who have invested in their professional development can be easily identified by employers and peers alike.

Employers will also benefit from the USSA by hiring sales people who have gained the credibility and recognition that comes from achieving the various skills modules that make up the USSA, and also by using the personal skills development needs analysis that is delivered with each module to train their sales people up to these nationally recognised levels of sales skill.

The USSA is based on the same set of standards that underpin the National Vocational Qualifications for sales people, and the initial launch products are levelled at NVQ2.  More levels, and an increased range of skill modules will be launched as the USSA progresses.

The Core Sales Skills modules of the USSA will be repeated each year and will form the basis of an ongoing measure of sales skill levels across the profession in the UK.   These modules are available at no cost to the first 200 applicants who register for the 2015 USSA benchmarking program here (

Applicants who complete all 5 modules will be eligible for the award of USSA e-badges for the modules where they achieve the required standard.

The USSA benchmarking process is completed over 5 months, with one module being made available to these first 200 applicants each month, starting in August 2014 and finishing in December 2014.  Candidates receive a personal report for each module completed, together with e-badges where applicable.  The report shows the candidate’s skill levels, compared against the national benchmark, plus also delivers a personal development plan to enable them to improve their skills and performance.

Come along and find out more about this exciting new development designed to drive up the sales standards across the UK.  This initiative is fully endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM), the UK awarding body for NVQ’s.

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