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“Ask any CEO what they want from the Sales Organisation and they will tell you three things: More revenue from individuals and the team as a whole, a better return on investment in sales talent, and sustainable long term growth.”

– Andrew Dugdale, President,

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Here at we specialise in enabling clients to achieve each of these key business goals. With the help of our unique talent assessment and analysis tools, we enable our clients to:

  • Maximise revenue by providing unique and dependable routes to recruit and develop top sales performers with increased confidence and reduced risk
  • Maximise profitability of sales by optimising talent and performance
  • Drive and support strategic change initiatives that underpin long-term, sustainable growth by providing you with the ability to Identify, visualise & understand sales talent issues across your organisation.

A brief about Sales Assessment works with clients across all major markets worldwide

Founded in 2008, works with clients across all major markets worldwide – from Australia, and the ASEAN region; through India and the Middle East; into Africa; across Europe; and throughout North and South America. We currently deliver assessments in over 11 languages, including Chinese and Russian, and offer in excess of 20 sales and sales support roles. With our reseller partner network now extending to cover more than 12 countries, and growing, we are the assessment partner of choice for companies large or small.

In deploying Sales Talent Assessment, we were able to gain the advantages that we sought without taking our team out the selling day.

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All our Sales Talent Assessments are fully supported on Windows 10 Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and Long-Term Servicing branch.  The product works with 32-bit and/or 64-bit Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge devices.

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