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For Senior Management

Open the door to systematic and measurable sales skills development, make better recruitment decisions, and drive the long term sales performance of your business.

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For Sales Recruiters

Put forward just the right candidates or offer jobs to applicants who have shown they have the right skills. Know with certainty that candidates are fully capable of selling.

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For Sales Trainers

Measure salespeople’s competency in over 50 essential sales skills, then deliver pinpoint accurate training for immediate performance improvement.

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the lavendon group sales assessment policy

"A very easy to use, insightful survey methodology that helped us to put a line in the sand from which to plan a strategy for sales development going into what will no doubt be a challenging new year."

Brian Tobin, Head of Learning and Development

"We found the sales assessments to be of high validity and consistent with individual sales performance. The 5 modules covered almost all of the key areas in sales competency and the team reports offered a very clear comparison for both individuals as well as identifying team strengths and weaknesses. "

Rachel Zhang | 张晓东, VNU Exhibitions Asia

"Without doubt, the best set of profiling questions I have completed (and I’ve done some American formats). If anything, gave you the chance to set an aspiration target, really good."

MH, Sales Manager | The Jelf Group PLC

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